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About the Team: I am one of three founders of Nemesis Enforcement Airsoft in Warsaw NY, a small town between Buffalo and Rochester NY. Our team is in the Club Registery if you want/need more info. Also check out the players created by ThatSobusKid, and Frostytheginger, the other two founders of the Team. Any questions, comments, complaints, concerns, contact me at [email protected], or send a message to mrobins230.
About me: My name is Mike Robinson and I am in the process of getting a new gun and gear. I have been playingfor 2 years now.My first gun was a JG AK47 Tactical and sold that to Frosty to get a sniper. I thought it was a good idea to get the Echo1 ASRand got the upgraded spring kit and a Madbull tightbore. Turns out it wasn't. With all of the trees I can't get a bb through to hit anyone. It is a nice sniper though.So now I am going back to an aeg. I'm still debating whether to sell my sniper or not. If anybody is interested locallysend me a message for more info.
UPDATE: I did spend a ton of money this winter on a new gun and gear. I got a KWA SR10 with a 1200 11.1V Li-po along with a Condor OD green chest rig. I also got 10 Elite Force mid-cap mags that hold 140 rounds each. I would still like to sell or trade for my sniper. Any interest e-mail me.



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