• Callsign: Rock5
    Age: 42Weapon(s)
    :3 G&G MP5 (1 with a 375mm 6.01 tight barrel and mock suppressor)
    1 Classic Army M249 SAW
    1 JG M4 Tanker
    2 G&G M4
    2 Echo1 G36c
    2 Full size AK47
    1 stubby AK74
    1 SR25 DMR
    1 MP7 Tokyo Mauri4
    GBBP All by KWA 1911,USP, M9, and ATP
    3 tri-burst spring shotgun
    and various other springers
    Other interests/ hobbies: a few video games.
    Location: Covington, GA
    Military Service: Active duty Army 89-96, NG 96-00 M1A1 Tanker 19K20
    Camo: Multi-cam, Woodland, Tan and OD contractor
    OPS:Lion Claws Op Southern Comfort @ Catoosa Training area,
    Operation Sovereign [email protected] Guardian Center, Perry, GA


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