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I started Airsoft a few years ago with the purchase of my first gun, an M4 springer made by Wellfire, along with a set of old forest-camo BDUs. I've managed to build my collection of equipment, getting a full set of the famous three-tone 'Coffee Stain' BDUs that were used in Operation Desert Storm and a tactical vest made by Swiss Arms from my parents oneChristmas. I also recently acquired my first AEG, an M4 made by Black Ops.

I also run a small Airsoft team, the Sturmoviks, in the Evanston-Kemmerer area of Southwestern Wyoming. A friend of mine has been generous enough to offer our team the use of two or three acres of land on her sheep ranch several miles outside of Evanston. We tend to lean more towards the MilSim spectrum of players, despite our status as relative 'newbies' to the realm of Airsoft.



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