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Most recent purchase. A little birthday present to myself. SAI HK45. Always was a fan of SAI but mildly don't like glocks so waited till something came up that was worth it. Quick photos taken with a cell so not the best quality but ill work on it. Only downside is the Gold on the SAI barrel is already worn/scratched so that was sad seeing out of the box. O well still a solid purchase. Recommend the HK45 to all. Defiantly getting one when i turn 21 next year. Have been an owner of a KWA M9 for a couple years now and it has not let me down so my next gun was based around the previous pistol. Have over 15 pistols and i usually only rely on the KWA to get me through a game with out problems. Say what you want about KWA but they have good guns and bad ones. (Hoping this is a good one lol)



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