• -Lonex 8mm GB shell

    -Radiused gearbox shell

    -Lonex steel bearings, soon to be Modify Ceramics

    -ZCI 13:1 gear set

    -Core double O-ring POM air nozzle

    -ZCI double O-ring Aluminum cylinder head

    -Corrected AOE w/ sorbo pad and neo protector

    -ZCI cylinder

    -Super Shooter POM red p
    iston head w/ Lonex hollow O-ring and bearings removed

    -SHS purple fiber reinforced piston (swiss cheased)

    -KA V2 tappet plate

    -ZCI aluminum bearing spring guide w/ Lonex bearings

    -Super Shooter M130 spring

    -Mars tappet delayer on sector gear

    -SHS trigger housing / contacts

    -Clandestine / APEX Python beta MOSFET

    -14AWG positive battery-to-motor wire

    -Wired to Deans

    -Gold-plated motor connectors

    -Matrix 3000 High Torque motor w/ ZCI CNC pinion gear

    -Perfect shimming

    -Retro Arms 6.03 x 363mm inner barrel, AirsoftPro 6061 T6 CNC Aluminum hopup chamber/STS, Prometheus bridge-type flathop nub and Lonex bucking flathopped


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