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General Information

I completely rebuilt this gun internally and externally. The custom PDW upper receiver took lots of cutting, filing, sanding, and fitment adjustments and modifications. My hard work was definitely worth it. She\'s a little beauty.
-VFC 8mm gearbox shell (radiused).
-Lonex bearings and solid bushings mix(soon to be all solid bushings or ceramics).
-VFC cylinder head w/ Teflon tape mod
-VFC 3/4 cylinder.
-Lonex blue piston, swiss cheesed (and AOE corrected with sorbo).
-Lonex POM piston head (bearings removed).
-Core double O-ring air nozzle.
-VFC ball bearing steel spring guide
-JG black tappet plate
-SHS nylon tappet delayer (trimmed)
-Lonex chrome steel cutoff lever
-VFC trigger, trigger contacts, and safety lever
-3034 MOSFET with ~14awg wet noodle wiring
-Random non-linear M100 spring
-SHS Gen3 13:1 spur/step and sector gears, APS Gen1 bevel.
-JBU Red motor (18TPA, Neodymium).
-XYT pinion.
-EdGI 6.01 inner barrel, flathopped MadBull red bucking, H-nub.

P.S. JBU Red Motor is NOT shown because this is an older picture of the gearbox. The Lonex A1 was the old motor.

-Thanks! Also check out my Instagram @AirsoftandMilSim



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