Scar L - Reaper

  • Plenty of solid mods and DIY work. Shooting smoothly on an 11.1, 25c battery at 2.45J.

    Last chrono the rifle was shooting 420.7 fps, 0.30 Bioval BBs, with the hop up set for flat trajectory, and less than 1 fps variation. This is most likely due to the hop up being held strongly against the gearbox using an o ring over the inner barrel in front of the hop up to apply constant pressure from being compressed. As well as already having perfect air seal among the other compression components, stock brass cylinder head with replaced o ring, stock o-ring air nozzle, SHS piston head with stretched o ring, and ZCI full cylinder.


    CA scar cnc and fiber body

    WE msk breakout clone muzzle device

    Magpul clone afg1 in tan

    G&P dark earth rail ladders

    Matrix scar stock adapter

    JG crane stock

    CA crane stock tube caps

    Simmons 4x32 scope


    Tienly gt35000 motor

    CA gearbox shell
    rear piston guide rail section rounded to decrease hang-ups

    BTC chimera mosfet
    Positive feed line replaced with magic box wiring and lonex motor connector

    Lonex m4 trigger and trigger spring

    Lonex safety lever

    CA selector plate
    with super glued paper spacers

    CA 18:1 gears
    shimmed bevel to sector

    G&P copper shims

    SHS 7mm bushings

    CA anti reversal latch

    Retro Arms 4 steel tooth piston

    SHS aluminum piston head
    retained CA POM bearing shaft to reduce weight
    stretched o-ring

    Super Shooters bearing spring guide

    Super Shooters m140 spring

    SHS tappet plate
    shaved down 1 mm at the front

    CA scar air nozzle with o-ring
    glued to tappet plate
    countersunk/beveled front

    CA tappet plate spring

    CA brass cylinder head with 1 o-ring
    sorbo pad and neo pad
    teflon taped
    replaced o-ring
    polished nozzle stem

    ZCI full heat sink cylinder

    VFC 380mm x 6.03mm steel barrel

    Maple leaf 70d bucking
    sanded smooth

    Maple leaf blue nub

    CA metal hop up unit
    sharp lines smoothed down
    o ring used to apply pressure against gearbox


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