• I lead a small team in NorCal. My Story:
    After seeing some clear Crosman guns at Sports Authority and getting some replica guns confiscated at an airport in Greece (Don't ask how), I asked my dad if I could get one. He said no. After visiting the store about twenty times he decided to bring home a CO2 NBB Pistol and a Plastic Taurus PT92 Springer. A few months later, he took me to Airsoft Extreme and let me buy a 1911 springer and a USP compact springer. I thought they were fantastic. The could shoot 30 feet! That beat my Nerf guns. A few weeks later we went to Sports Authority and I bought a Spring M4. I liked it a lot. After saving up $130 my dad and I went back to AEX and I bought a KWA USP Compact. I loved it more than all of the other guns combined. For Christmas 2011 my dad bought me a KWA G36c.

    I use the 416 and Kriss Vector as my primaries and the Hi-Capa and 5-7 as my sidearms.


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