Scott "Fedora" Garcia

  • I play airsoft as a way of spending time with my 14 year old son. We both enjoy airsoft a lot and are very competitive.

    I have no military or police experience but I have handled and/or owned real firearms and \"assault weapons\"since I was a kid. As a martial artist, I have been trained in how to move so I can usually hold my own on an airsoft field. I play pretty aggressive and always like to make a difference in the game. If you aren\'t getting shot at, you\'re not making a difference.

    I\'m a bit obsessive/compulsive so when I get into something, I like having a broad collection. We have grown our airsoft arsenal quite a bit over the last two years since we started playing. We really only buy things on sale/clearance or used from trusted friends. We have at least one airsoft gun in every major weapons class:

    Three assault rifles
    A DMR
    A SAW
    Two Pistols
    Four Submachine Guns
    And Two Grenades.

    However, we have less than $1000 invested all together, so I still get to sleep with my wife in my bed instead of on the couch :)

    We mostly play at a local field that is hosted by a near-by church who run it as a ministry. I sometimes teach the devotional during the lunch time.

    This sport is really bringing my son and I together and it gives us something to do as a team. This type of father-son connection is important at his age. I\'m really glad that we have something that we both really enjoy doing together on a regular basis. I\'m hoping to get him signed up with the Lion Claws Wolverines program so that we can start attending Ops together. I haven\'t been to any Ops because, since this is time for us to spend together, I won\'t go play airsoft without him.


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