• You guys finally get to see what the Chapster Looks like! lol
    Well my names Steven Chapman im 16 and Ive been doing back yard games for years now and i use to play field with my friends every now and then but i had to stop for baseball and school :( Now Im getting back into the sport and slowly building My loadout and trying to figure out what gun i really want. Im Very Open Minded and Not Afraid to say whats on my mind. Im Joining The Marine Corps In 2 Years but i start DEP next year :) I have alot of Friends In the Military and i Come From a Military Family. Everyone Says i don't look like the kind of kid who would airsoft cause of the past and stuff and how i am but i really love the sport. Well thats me in a Nut shell :p Im looking for a team to join, i can play field or CQB.


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