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I don\'t play anymore, just a collector.

Currently an Armed Driver for Alexion Pharmaceuticals.

Milsim Operator, EX USMC CBRNWS.

Yes, I did work with 15MEU a few times, and was I
usually associate with as that is who I spent the most time with.

I was however assigned to Echo Company of the
2nd Marines, 7th Battalion.

I trained at Parris Island for boot-camp on September 2008. Then was shipped to Fort Leonard Wood for standard CBRN training. I was then flown to Camp Panzer in Germany for a NATO training (It was a bit obscure, but that\'s how it went.) From there I received orders to ship to Afghanistan.

There I was sent to Qatar to get rid of some ex-Russian chemicals. Then for the rest of the war I was busy doing mindless activities like paperwork. Once in a while I was sent to get rid of the local opium.

It wasn\'t until December 13, 2009 I won\'t ever forget it. I was at a makeshift base in I want to say Nawawa-1 I think. I was being sent out with EOD to look at what they believed was a chemical bomb. After EOD had cleaned the area, I went in. It was like nothing I had ever seen before look ancient like WW2, but I could immediately tell it had German(Nazi) markings on it, then Russian(Communist) markings dated from 1964 were also added.

I\'ve never been trained or even seen a bomb like this. I started to back away slowly and I must have hit something as it started to leak. I got my gas mask as soon as possible on, but it was too late. (Why wasn\'t my mask on in the first place? Well you can\'t really see what you are looking at with it on, so seeing labels/ electrical box meant you had to have it off.)

I was evaced out of there as the mild form of \"chlorine\" was to found out later; it was actually a complex and horribly mutated form of mustard gas. Supposedly after being briefed on the decontamination table it was much more deadly. After that and what it is, is classified.

I was sent to a \"Marine\" Hospital (Back in the States) as the Navy corpsmen couldn\'t handle Chemicals (So I was told). I was sent back to a place that\'s well technically classified. I was never told and I still don\'t It may have been Army or what, but I was not conscious when I was transferred. I never did find out where it was. All I know was it was in CT, and I could smell the ocean.

I\'m assuming Yale or something on the water. I do however remember throwing up for a good 3 months this pure clear liquid with traces of yellow. Not pleasant. From there, I was released on Medical discharge, when it had passed through my system.

As a Driver something always connects with me in Yale when I deliver. I\'m pretty sure I was in a public hospital, I was shielded off from the rest of the hospital but it definitely wasn\'t military.That\'s how I ended up in CT. As of Late 2009, Early 2010 I was officially discharged.

Some of you ask a perfectly legitimate question, Did this ever actually happen or is this some fake person on the internet. No I have my DD214 that shows most of the stuff here(Military Service, MOS, Rank, and Discharge type). No pictures were taken/allowed for my \"assignment/job\". My job was Top Secret security clearance/classification.

Everything you have read here is stretching the lines of what is allowed to say. However it is allowed and within guidelines. I personally do not know anymore than what is written. Never will or do know about where I was sent. The locations are general areas not specific places.Pictures?

Well if any of you are in the military its not infantry. Hell it was not like the regular war you see today with smartphones, ps3, and laptops. My \"base\" barely had electricity most of the time. Also if you are any in Infantry, you know that when you go into the field everything becomes Top Secret. Here just imagine everything you say or do is top secret.

Yes there are chemicals in Afghanistan. This is common knowledge, everything is legal, but just barely. Some parts have been obscured for legality but generally the entire thing is word for word. Except for the dates. They are slightly off to protect interests. Except for December 13, 2009. That was not a \"mission\" and that is the closest to the line of legality as it gets.

Technically you shouldn\'t know that but Ex-WW2 chemicals in that area of the world are common and is easily searched by Google.There you have it.

Throwing up was the worst part, it actually had a burning effect to it. Also my breathing had to be controlled, which is never fun.Someone was really looking out for me that day as well. I received almost 4X the Deadly limit. To put it into easier terms, I received the equivalent of 9GY of Radiation.(It really doesn\'t translate into say being shot x amount of times, but I am extremely lucky. I had a 0% chance of survival.).

To this day I haven\'t had any problems. I still exercise, breathe normally, and even fly!

The real part that I will never know and to the day I die will affect me? I won\'t ever know the Doctor\'s name and the Hospital that saved my life. That is the biggest thing.



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