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I come from Czech Republic and I focus on mil-sim and re-enactment.

I got into airsoft in around 2006. By mistake. I met a bunch of airsofters in a forest and they introduced me to it.

I am focusing on re-enacting the Russian modern day Paratroopers. More specifically the 98th airborne army (98. GV VDV). This particular army is part of Specnaz. The re-enacting itself consists of training as close as possible to the actual VDV (we have knowledge of the actual training from former VDV members), use of tactics and use of equipment similar to the VDV (from weaponry to load outs and other equipment). We get most of our equipment from Russia and other parts of the eastern bloc.

Our team has been classified as one of the best VDV re-enactors from Europe.

We organize Airsoft Days (where most skeptics find out what serious airosft actually is about etc.), I am one of the founders of, a Mod at the, which is the largest S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (famous Ukrainian PC game) fan-site and am part of the organization team behind STALKER Airsoft LARP (there were five events since 2007).

I am shooting a SVD Dragunov with an extreme performance upgrade (currently around 212 m/s) and an AKS-74U shooting at 135 m/s.

I like writing reviews and help people who begin with airsoft.
Recently, I have finally finished my Russian Paratrooper guide and hopefully will finish my complete review of my SVD, so that other might know what to do and what not to do when upgrading it.

If there is any info I have forgotten to give you, don't hesitate to send me a message.



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