Shotgun & M16 :D

  • In terms of amazing preformance, the Classic Army M15A4 full metal weapon is just what the doctor ordered. The gun is built to last and built to take down just about any target in your way. Stock this gun was a perfect way to jump into airsoft. Shooting a 340 fps it was hitting alil low for my taste but the rate of fire was truly amazing with just a 9.6 and range was about 160 feet. Not bad at all, but I loaned for a weapon I could snipe when I wanted too and attack when I had too. So my brain began turning and slowly I turned this thing into a feared weapon in my community. A 6.04 barrel, a higher fps spring, a new echo1 motor later..and you have the beastness of today. Plus I could help but to toss a ca rail system on it, I mean come on, every one wants to deck out a rifle. So here it is today with some utg rail covers and an Airsoft Gi scope perfect for long range, but yet deadly enough for atticking the tangos head on. All and all, this is my favorite rifle, and I just love full stocks.

    Now for the shotgun. Not much to say but no matter what gun your foe has, the shot gun all ways brings fear. There is NOTHING like pumping a shotgun and blasting the tango in the face with a scatter of three bbs. Its just the feeling of pure awesomeness and with 16 shells and two speed loaders, your beast mode isnt about to give out easily. I use this puppy when I feel like going light weight.


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