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Hey names Eddie call-sign shrek. Been involved with airsoft off and on for 10 years I currently work at a airsoft shop in Tampa, Florida and run the website I currently have 18 rifles and about 100 pistols (I have a problem I know ) that's down from 32 rifles and about 150 pistols. Working at a airsoft shop has its benifits. I'm not on any teams ATM because work and family life eats up most of my time. When I do go and play with teams I prefer the role of heavy support gunner since I have a M60 mk43 with R hop shooting .38's about 300ft and a m249 shooting 520 w/.20's. For CQB I prefer my kwa mp7 and we g18 or we pdw and kwa usp .45. I do all my own tech work and upgrades.



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