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I began aisofting in September, 14, 2013 at Fullerton, CA. My team is called REDMAS and we play mostly in Fullerton, CA but we frequently attend local fields in Southern California. I\'ve always been a big fan of guns especially DMRs hence the reason why I became a DM. I prefer to fight from a far because I feel less pressured having to worry about getting flanked all the time and it also gives me more time to think about my strategies. I am a huge FN SCAR and Desert Eagle fan and I love my babies to death. I have heavy preferences in field games rather than CQB and my personal mottos in airsoft are \"Be Honorable - Be Secretive - Be Precise\" and \"No one trusts Trust no one.\"

PS. That guy next to me in the second picture is GermanPhoenix13.



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