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This is the Airsoft GI G4 Silent death review.

The gun itself is very stylish and stealth looking. it does come with the Gemtech mock suppressor(flash hider) and a full metal RIS system. the rest of the gun is all abs plastic. it does has a v2 gearbox and great ROF for a blowback. It shoots about 16-17 rps and they all fly straight. mine came from ASGI test fired at 400fps and it chrono'd for me at 388fps w/ .20 king arms high grade and 367fps w/ .25 bbs. The trigger response on semi is not the greatest but does the job. a 9.6v battery increases the trigger response over an 8.4v greatly. First thing you should do is upgrade to a metal body because there is flex in the plastic body. the dust cover is on of the best parts on the gun. it has infidel engraved in english and in arabic on it. it unfortunately does not stay closed when the body flexes but still open looks best with the writing anyway. it has a good weight feel to it where you can shoulder it for longer periods of time. its short so cqb is easy especially around corners and doorways.

You cannot use an 11.1 lipo in this gun it will burn it out in one match(the gun was hot after 20-30 shots with an 11.1, cant imagine a full match)

Price for black vs tan models :
Black: 225
Tan: 235

Included in your purchase:
Gemtech mock suppressor(flash hider)
Official License Madbull Gemtech T2 Kit
Rear Sling Mount
Crane Stock, wired to rear
450 rounds Magazine

Not included:
Battery and Charger

370-390 fps w/ .20

350-370 fps w/ .25

shoots very straight(1 inch grouping at 65 ft.)
nice ROF(16-17 on 9.6)
good size for cqb
dust cover

plastic body(flexes)
trigger response
have to use a G&G buffer tube unless you modify
No battery or charger

For the price this gun is an amazing rifle. it has a true shot everytime and is small and good weight perfect to me for cqb.
I rate it 8/10 for stars only because of the plastic body and the lack of a battery and charger



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