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While running support is my primary position, I also do run as a standard rifleman and recon depending on what the terrain is like and what is needed more. I am a squad commander, of which my squad is comprised of 1 Recon/Sniper and 4 rifleman, not including myself. My home field of play is Blastcamp in Hobart, IN, but come this next year my team and I will be expanding out quite a bit, including returning to Legacy Park, Sherwood Forest, and heading to multiple Lion Claws events. I do own a small plot of land that my team uses for training and small skirmishes. If you want to meet up sometime to play or know of more/new fields in the Chicagoland area, or even farther south or east in Indiana, let me know and I\'ll do my best to make it out that way sometime.

Also, outside of my M249 and ATP, I also run a G&G SCAR-L and a custom Daniel Defense M4 modified to semi-auto only as primaries, depending on which position I\'m running.



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