• I was first introduced to airsoft by my little brother with springer pistols and entry-level electric rifles. At first I was like, "This is pretty lame, they don't shoot more than 30ft". But then our friend showed us his new MP5 AEG that shot 400fps and had a range of about 150ft. My mind was blown.

    Since then I have been an airsoft fanatic and have collected numerous guns. I stated with a DBoys M4 S-System which was used and didn't work well. I then upgraded to a CYMA MP5 RIS which was more than satisfactory. But then I went on to collect more 5.56 replica guns like the SCAR-L and M4 variants. I stuck with these for about a year and a half with the occasional exception like my WE M14 EBR GBBR. I loved this gun, but the M4's were still calling my name, so I landed a KWA KM4 RIS and absolutely love it. It is my primary AEG and hasn't failed me yet.

    Not too long ago I went to Pandora's Box II at Sherwood Forest in LePort, Indiana. There I was introduced to Polarstar products and realized I needed one ASAP. I created my own M4 to put the Fusion Engine inside of and included a CQB receiver and a DMR receiver. It was the best of both worlds. But now I have decided to try something that I believe only one other person in the country has and that is a P90 Polarstar. The unique design of the P90 interests me and I can't wait for my custom job by Bingo Airsoft Gun Works to be completed.

    I have been to two big events this year and those include Red Dawn II in Joliet, IL and Pandora's Box II in LePort, IN. Both were great events. I mostly just go to open-play events every other week at fields in the area such as Paintball Explosion in Dundee, IL and CPX in Joliet, IL.

    I belong to the team TPS. We are a pretty new team with only about 12 members and we are always open to new recruits.


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