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Showcase cover image for SL8-2 (upgraded)

General Information

*modify preshimmed smooth torque gear set
*mad bull black python ver II. 650 mm, 6.03 mm tight bore barrel
*matrix/aim top speed piston with full steel reinforced tooth rack
*HJFB aluminum silent piston head VII
*systema magnum short motor
*guarder reinforced steel motor pinion gear for marui motor series.
*g36l 10.5" outter barrel
*modify reinforced anti-reversal latch with screwdriver slot for external releasing of latch
*reinforced mk36 flat ris top rail (it came stock with the 3x scope carry handle 'top rail')
*socom gear MK36 flat top rail conversion (to fill in the gaps left when iron sights were removed from flat ris top rail)
*prometheus non-liner ms120sp spring
*deep fire solid brass g36 series air nozzle with inner o-ring
*new #14 o-ring for piston head
**in the last pic it's complete with perfect 1:1 length on inner and outer barrel swapping the g36l outer barrel (10.5 in) for a scar outer barrel extension (4.5 in) and a pro arms g36c silencer adaptor (14mm) for that extra 5mm i needed



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