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I'm Slo, an airsofter in the Kansas City Area. I'm typically the pointman, or part of small recon teams during the skirmishes I play. I prefer both the AK variants, and M4s, as both have their effects on the field.

I prefer to run ALICE over MOLLE. However, this will change to a hybrid kind of mix due to a setup I have seen that makes the two effective together.

I recently obtained the M4 Viper. It's a nice little gun. Not a KWA or even a G&G, but it does it's job and I'm not complaining. Already have some attachments and ready to field it.

There's now a thing among some players to change my name to Forrest Gump, due to an incident where I was looking for my wallet and dashed to the FOB where it was. During said event, I rand and slid under two barbed wire fences...while in gear.

When I'm not airsofting, I'm at school, making music, creating art, and writing.



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