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I first got into Airsoft thanks to someone I know and he\'s one of the Macao airsoft veterans, I have always wanted to play but I didn\'t know where to start and what to do but he provided me with the equipment and gave me the opportunity to play so he one day invited me to play and brought me to a group that was just newly founded and with many rookies and slowly I grew to love the sport even more! I used to be the only one in class who played (actually there is one friend of mine who \"tried\" ) then later on he started playing again, followed by another friend and so on until most of the males in my class plays airsoft and since we were quite a lot me and my friends created a squad at first then more friends started playing and now it\'s a platoon! I started recording videos and now even going out of Macau to play in some events!

If you want to check out my videos you can search \"MacauJagers\"
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