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    I rarely, almost never get anything from airsplat.com but this was a good by. The Snow Wold M99 is a great Replica on the Barrett .50 Cal. I've shown it to my friends with the Hurricane Barrett kit and they cant tell the difference. It is a sniper rifle that is ready to go out of the box.

    Pros :
    - A long 700+mm inner barrel held with 3 barrel spacers
    - Looks exactly like the Barrett .50 cal
    - Nice metal material with a non-shinny finish
    - Out of box shooting around 420fps
    - HUGE battery compartment
    - Removable orange tip

    - Big orange tip
    - Magazine only hold around 170 rounds
    - Gearbox could have been put together better

    All together I would give it a 4 out of 5. Great rifle but internals could have been better. Companies like G&G and Echo 1 should try making one.


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