• I have had this gun for a long time and can say that it is a true work of art. Not only does it look good and come from the movie "The Punisher", but it is very reliable. I don't have too much information listed, and I apologize for that, but I can say a couple things about it that may be of good use.

    For one, it is great for cqc. It runs on green gas or propane and very intimidating. Although it lacks a bottom rail, it can still take silencers with it's 14mm threaded flash hider. With the compensator on, the flash hider can barely be seen through the top of the compensator, so be careful. And in cse you're wondering, it will not take any silencers w/ the compensator attached.

    The gun is full metal (besides the parts that don't really make a difference and the grip) and is great for going akimbo, if possible. The only cons I have are that I wish there was a bottom rail, but than again, this is a movie replica; and the grips have a small, gold socomgear trademark thingie in the middle (only a minor con). It can be found on websites such as Evike.com or Shortyusa.com for around $160. If there are ant questions, feel free to ask.


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