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Speed, surprise, and violence of action.

A Finnish air****ter. Six years of experience. I like to collect gear, and have a raging hard-on for custom gear. Proud of not owning a single piece of replica gear besides my guns and headset.

Prefer extremely aggressive or extremely stealthy tactics - but never in-between. Biggest gripe in airsoft are not cheaters, not newbies, not elitists, but people who fail to understand the deeper meaning behind the phrases \"forward advance\" and \"manuever and fire\". And people who insist on talking while sneaking behind the lines.

Running a TM/CA G3KA4 and an SRC MP5A5 (gen 3). G3KA4 shoots around 30rps @ 1.6J, and MP5 around 35-40rps at 1J.

I\'ve ran the G3 since 2008, and it has had + 100k rounds through it. Reliable workhorse. Started life as a DEN Trinity G3K custom (TM G3SG1 with a chopped barrel and a retracting stock, Systema internals), had CA metals installed on it later. Later had a CA33 forend slapped on to convert it into a proper G3KA4. Internals changed whenever something has broken, resulting in the internals being slowly changed into a mismash of various parts.

MP5 is a new addition from 2012, troubled with feeding issues. Can\'t make it feed reliably at full ROF, so I am stuck with using a 7.4V lipo instead of a 11.1V to lessen the ROF. Was built to make a dedicated CQB gun, ROF being the primary goal - contains shortstroking and DSG, naturally. Needs a retracting stock. MP5KPDW folder is unrealistic.

Also used to have a VFC AK-105 with an Izhmash realsteel AKS-74 skeleton folder stock, SVD cheekpad, and a GP-30 buttpad, with eight realsteel 5.45mm mags converted for airsoft use. Sold it due to being kinda broke then, regretted it since then. One day I\'ll track the gun\'s history down and buy it back...

As for gear, I am running an Eagle RRV with an EIPC (cummer) backplate, and a High Ground Gear The Chest Rig. Have a fixation with gaiters, and I also like helmets a lot - currently running a ridiculously overbuilt Protec helmet.



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