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Showcase cover image for SpaceMagic7's AirsoftGI Eagle 13" M4

General Information

This M4 started out as an Airsoft GI custom Eagle 13". I decided to change the full-length rail for a more traditional look and also painted the exterior tan with a black "snake skin" pattern. The accesories on the outside are just a knockoff Eotech 552, a MAGPUL Gen. 1 AFG that I cut down, a MAGPUL Gen. 1 MBUS rear sight, and a PEQ 15 that isn't functional in any way. The gun performs very well right out of the box, and has a solid trigger response and ROF with a 9.6v Nunchuck. The effective range stock is about 140-150 ft. In the future, I will change out the delta ring for a KWA one and hopefully upgrade the hop up and add a 363mm Miracle Barrel.



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