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General Information

Loadout List:
Custom SR-10

  • Classic Army metal body
  • G&G 8MM Gearbox (upgraded with a LOT.)
  • G&P M120 Motor
  • Systema bucking
  • G&P hop up
  • Echo 1 H-Nub
  • Madbull 6.03 509mm Tightbore
  • Magpul 10" MOE Handguards
  • Magpul AFG
  • Surefire Suppressor (Borrowed for the picture, don't have a suppressor to cover the inner barrel length.)

1. NRA Hat
2. Bobster Ambush Rx Safety Glasses
3. Condor CPC
4. Condor M4 Mag Pouches
5. PTS E-Mags (80rds.)
6. Condor Radio Pouch
7. Mechanix Impact Pro Gloves
8. Cheapo Battlebelt
9. Condor Drop Utility Leg Rig
10. Random Black Holster (w/ WE XD-40)
11. Woodland Tigerstripe Pants
12. Vietnam-era Combat Boots


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