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Name\'s Joe. I live in the Tampa area and am new to airsoft and to the community. I am quickly learning everything I need to know and am studying the art of airsoft teching. However, I am totally new to airsoft, so bare with me. As it stands I have no team affiliation, I have no uniform, and I have a busted gun, lol. I have attended one airsoft match, a Milsim, with my AUG, and I had a plethora of problems.

If you want to know the issues here\'s a link to a thread I just created, but I think it is way to long for this page.

Anyway, I am a big DIYer. I have been fixing my own gun, I modified my face mask because I couldn\'t get a cheek weld to the gun. I run an LC-2 Harness that I\'ve attached all sorts of stuff it was not really designed to have and I am still adding to it and modifying it. I am making my own vent system for my goggles. And I am creating a \'bolt on\' barrel sleeve to turn my AUG A3 into an AUG HBAR that I can put on and take off the stock gun quickly and easily, and I will also be modifying some Cmags to work in it as well.

I am a former Marine, MALS-16 COMM/NAV I Level tech. I worked on components for CH-53s, CH46s, Ospreys, and the occasional fixed wing aircraft like F-18s, Prowlers, and C-130s. I did two deployments to the sand box and no, before anyone asks, I\'ve never killed anyone. I\'m married, no kids, and I have gone back to school. Not sure what I am going to major in yet, apparently even when I\'m about to turn 30 I still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up, lol.

I got into airsoft because it looked fun and it looked like a way to get some exercise. I\'ve let myself go and I want to get back into fighting shape.

I am using;

Surplus CVC Helmet
Surplus LC-2 Harness
Surplus Canteen and ALICE Canteen cover
Surplus Alice Buttpack
Danner USMC RAT Boots
Surplus Archteryx USMC 3 Day Assault Pack
HSGI Drop Leg Magazine Carrier Double
BSA Reflex Sight
ESS Goggles and Shooting Glasses
AWP Knee Pads
Surplus Romanian AK47 2 Point Sling

I will update this as needed.



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