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Hey guys been apart of this forum for a good while now and decided to fill this out. Ive been playing since I was 7 and am now 15. Ive been playing seriously now for about 4 years now. I am not currently going to any field, but will be going to mudgrunt as my home field soon. I am part of a team, of which I created. We are Assault Team 11, and will start going to games at mudgrunt like i stated above. I am based in south florida. I am in love with longboarding. Its one of my fav things to do, other than airsoft. Of course. If anyone is near mudgrunt PM me. Right know I have the CM16. Hoping to put some upgrades into it, as I am also with my pistol.

So thats a little bit of my airsoft side. Thanks for looking!



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