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General Information

A real airsoft sniper rifle.

I have had this rifle for a little bit over a year now. It recieved a new piston catch (made out of steel, CNC machined), a new cylinder (CNC machined as well) a new trigger mechanism whose parts have been CNC'd (when you have access to a CNC machine, it really gives you the edge). I got custom made 6.01 mm diameter barrel. The only actual serial part in the firing mechanism is the bolt.

It is of incredible spiritual value to me and is one out of two Dragunov with such an upgrade in Czech Republic. The force required to pull the bolt and load a bb in the chamber is around 40 kg.

This is not a toy, this is a weapon and should be handled as such! I have never shot with it at distances smaller than 30 meters!

The mag has been remade from a hi-cap to a low cap, taking 23 bb's.



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