• About My Loadout
    I tried to go with a light/heavy loadout where I can switch from a rifleman to a medic position. I carry on my rifleman loadout 6 midcaps and 2 highcaps, my medic loadout I will carry 4 midcaps and a highcap. I keep a speedloader, radio pouch, and my medic pouch on both loadouts. Depending on short games I will take my radio pouch (which I put water bottles in) off and for my medic loadout my tool pouch. Since it\'s Florida I tried to keep the loadout as cool and light as possible.

    About My Gun
    More information you can check out my gun registry.My G4 PWS Diablo I bought off a guy who was quitting airsoft. The airsoft gun was 3 years old. The blowback for it broke so I replaced the gearbox. The only things left from the original product is the external barrel and stock. I am very happy with where it is right now and probably will buy another gun and work on it.

    About Me
    I live in Florida, my name is Garrett, and I started airsoft around 2012 while I was playing paintball, quitting for 4 years I came back to play airsoft. This is my 2016 Loadout, I play for Horizon 1. Now let\'s go out of airsoft and into my personal life. My hobbies are making videos or just recording things because it\'s what I do. I am a scuba diver and my favorite place to go diving at currently is Key West, I also have my boater license. I play Battlefield for the team Gen. I also yearly go to Citycon and Megacon (conventions in Florida) because they\'re close to me and there is a bunch of interesting things there.​
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