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$5 per hour $5 per 1000 bbs Fps limit 330 1631 Portland Ave E Tacoma, WA 98421 253 345 8282 Open Sat-Sun 12pm-9pm The Airsoft Center Rules (June 2012) ______________________________________________________________ Violation any of any these rules will, at the ref's discretion, result in either a penalty or disqualification and removal from the field. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Red Room Rules: ---------------------- 1. The Red Room is the staging room area between the lobby and the field.. 2. Eye protection MUST be on in the Red Room. 3. Replicas must be safe and clear when leaving the field. This means you must remove your magazine and fire a couple of shots into a clearing barrel to ensure that the weapon is unloaded. Then place the weapon on safe. 4. No headbands in the Red Room. Gun Rules: -------------- 5. No uncovered Airsoft replicas outside of the facility. 6. BBs must be 6 mm non-bio .20 gram weight or less. 7. Weapons may NOT be loaded any where but the field. No exceptions. 8. AEG Magazines may be loaded with BBs in the Red Room but magazine must be out of the AEG. Gas mags must be filled with gas on the field. No exceptions. 9. Do not re-use bbs. This includes bbs that have fallen on the ground. FPS Rules: ---------- 10. AEG FPS: 2' SEMI Engagement FPS Limit is 330 FPS with .20 bbs hop up off. (MAX 330) 10' AUTO Engagement FPS Limit is 330 FPS with .20 bbs hop up off (MAX 330) 15' Engament FPS Limit is 350 with .20 bbs hop up off (MAX 350) 11. SIDE ARM FPS (pistols, shotguns, etc) 2' SEMI Engagement FPS Limit is 330 FPS with .20 bbs hop up off. (MAX 330) Engagement Rules: ----------------- 12. No Blind Firing. This is any time you are shooting without being able to see your target. 13. Do NOT shoot above 6 feet above the ground. 14. Do NOT shoot full auto closer than 10 feet from an opponent. 15. Do NOT play dead or misrepresent your status at any time. 16. Do NOT use players or refs as cover. 17. Do NOT use ricochets to hit opponents. 18. Do NOT shoot players with hands/weapon in the air. 19. Do NOT fire at anything other than opponents. This includes: lights, cameras, speakers, refs, outlets, walls, doors and your teammates. 20. If you break anything on the field you will be required to pay the cost of repair/replacement. 21. Avoid headshots. Aim center mass when possible. 22. A Safety Kill can only be called if your weapon is pointing at your opponent and their weapon is not pointing at you and you are closer than 10 feet. This is most common when you are behind your opponent. 23. A Parlay should be called any other time you are within the MED. Both players withdraw to a safe distance. Hits: ----- 24. All hits count. This includes hits to the gear, weapon and ricochets. Ricochets COUNT AS HITS. 25. When hit, call out hit loudly. Raise your weapon and arms in the area and yell out "deadman" when moving. 26. Regen rules will be explained before each game. 27. Do not call other peoples hits. If you notice others not calling their hits inform an ref or other staff member. Field Rules: ------------ 28. Field ref's decisions are FINAL. Arguing with an ref is grounds for dismissal. 29. No food or drink or breakable items on the field. 30. Full seal eye protection must be worn at all times on the field. No exceptions. 31. All Props must be approved by the active field ref prior to use. This includes grenades, rubber knives, and other player carried props. 32. Do NOT SHOOT TARPS OR SCREENS! 33. Do NOT climb anything in the facility. This includes: chairs, walls, ladders, cars, or other props. 34. Do NOT throw anything on the field. 35. Do NOT move anything on the field, this includes couches, cover, buildings and other props. 36. Head bands remain on the field. 37. Face protection is required (mask, wrap, bandanda, etc) Penalty Box ----------- 38. Players breaking rules will be required to sit in the penalty box and must read these rules out loud. 3 Penalties in a day disqualifies you from play for that day. 39. Items not allowed: ------------------- BBs above .20 grams. Bio BBs. Green Lasers Real weapons Yellow Duct Tape


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