TAC - Tactical Airsoft Compound

  1. Christian Bonilla
    "Very fun"
    Pros - Friendly enviornment, Decent length games, Diversity in game modes, decent reffs.
    10-15 player based games, last time I went it was $10 to play (cheap)
    Cons - No bathrooms or charging stations
    I honestly enjoyed this field a lot more than dv8's massive player games.
  2. Blackjack_MilSim
    "Standard Field"
    Pros - Friendly staff and players, on-field market, on-field food, one unique game.
    Cons - Field layout, reffing, no restroom, games.
    The staff and people are awesome but that really is it. They have an on-field market and food, however, the market doesn't have a lot of stuff in it more like bbs and gas. The food is 2 hotdogs or a burger, chips, and a drink. The field's layout isn't really good making you have to crouch to get cover behind a car as well there isn't really any good cover due to a lot of angles being open making it not fun. They do have one unique game which is attack and defend a bomb but that's really it. They don't enforce rules so this field is directed to most adults and mature children and from what I've seen they don't ref good. I've run into one cheater which I called out to call their hit but like a child ignored me and kept playing so I went to the refs and they brushed it off saying he was a kid, however, I was about the same age. Bringing back the positive though I ordered a hotdog one time they ran out so they gave me a free burger and returned my money, the people there are friendly.