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General Information

I finally decided to go for it and
get a tactical hoodie, one that I could were in the city, too, without looking
like a weirdo, but having everything I need for sport, which includes not only
airsoft, but skating, hiking and mountain-biking.

I wasn’t willing to shell out 100$
for a simpe jacket, so a chinese one was my first option. Just took me some
time to find one that I really liked and that looked to be of good quality. I
usually wear my clothes ofr at least 5 years. I have a jacket that cost me 40 €
and it has lasted me 10 years and counting.

First, Sizing: I’m 1,90m tall and I usually
wear XL, but given my history with chinese clothing, I decided to get an XXL. I
was right to do so: my orangutan arms need this size and not a single cm less.
So, beware: get a size more than what you usually need.

The outer material is nylon and polyester,
which makes the jacket light, water-proof and dirt doesnt catch on to it.

The inner lining seems to be wool, which gives
it a comfortable felt touch, very smooth and warm, unlike traditional
windbreakers and rain coats.

Remember, this is a softshell: not designed for
extrem cold, but it will protect you in the snow if you wear enough warm stuff

The jacket features a hoodie, with those
flexible visors. It has a fully closed part to protect your neck and leaves a
wide space for your head to move without it getting in the way. It has a flap
on the back to roll it up and pack it. I prefer how it looks with the hood
resting on the shoulders.

The zippers are all YKK type.

Collar and bottom feature an elastic cord to
adapt to size and to close against wind.

2 on the shoulders, with velcro to attach patches. 2 from the chest
down, inverted zippers. These 4 have headset holes for your MP3 or cellphone.
The 2 on the chest and down include small pen pockets and D-rings to secure
keys, flashlights or knives.

Very useful when you do sports or get in an out
of the buildings (from cold to warm): zippers in the armpit are to open and

Kangaroo pouch on the back accesible from both

Also, reinforced elbows and adjustable cuffs on
the wrists:

All in all, an excellent jacket, super-comfy
and seems durable. Plus: it looks very tactical. For 73$ shipped, there’s
nothing for me to complain about, really.

And it seems to hold up to water very well.



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