Takafumi Tenzou (Tenzou)

  • Hello to all elite airsoft warriors. May I introduce myself, my name is M. Najib Monty. I\'m from Malaysia, age 19. Current job [Office Clerk]. My airsoft collections were China plastic made spring load airsoft [except for Hei Ying M 571, it\'s body made out of aluminum alloy] which is cheap and the only gun I can laid my hand on em....I\'ve customized all of em by my own hand in order to fulfill my desire [So far all of it can pass 200-240fps] although it\'s just plastic model...it\'s very hard to get my hand on good airsoft because it\'s illegal to own in this country. The only way to get best one is to do it by \"Black Market\" way [I\'m on it and try to get some connections with some good dealer]. I think that is all for now and I am truly very sorry if I\'ve said anything that is bad or my english grammar is bad because I\'m from Malaysia. Thank you for hearing me out and I\'m looking forward to know you guys. (^_^)
    Best Regards


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