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General Information


The Airsoft GI Combat Machine X4-A1 Airsoft Gun is a very unique and
futuristic AEG. The barrel is very sturdy and is constructed of metal.
The body is made of G&G's resilient polymer and inside it features
the same reliable internals that our Airsoft GI G4s are made from.
Combat Machine AEGs are very well made from great quality parts but they
won't break the bank. This X4-A1 is a great combination of classic M4
looks with a modern flair. The advanced collapsible stock on the X4
gives the gun a very futuristic look. This would be a good base gun to
build a unique and modern carbine for the airsoft connoisseur.


Manufacturer: Airsoft GI

Model: X4-A1

Muzzle Velocity: 330-350 FPS

Magazine Capacity: 450rounds

Color: Black

Package Includes: Gun, Magazine


Adjustable stock

Polymer construction

Adjustable iron sights

High quality, reliable internals



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