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I\'ve been playing for around 8 to 10 years, starting with the little plastic gearbox guns you can get from any flea market. Slowly, after a good friend of mine brought home the first plastic springer shotgun, we all invested a whopping $50 for our first plastic AEGs and took to the fields. As I grew in my love for airsoft, I purchased my first High-end AEG, a Tokyo Marui G36C and stumbled into teching my own guns (at my own miserable trial and error of course!). I was part of TCIA, Team Christians In Action for many years, often playing as a part of Team Prometheus under the command of Merlin as our own little detachment. I picked up a call sign: They call me \"Tank\", because I don\'t move very quickly and I\'m a big guy who offers reliable support! Years later, I\'m still at it, teching most of my own guns and desiring to make my own parts and equipment for them.

I currently run an ICS G33 with a modified 5,000 round box magazine. I run mostly 11.1v Lithium Polymer batteries. Other guns include an experimental APS UAR marksman build, a Custom G&G Navy Seals bodied M4 with a Daniel Defense rail sysetm, reinforced G&G Gearbox containing ALL G&G reinforced parts, and a Walther PPQ Pistol. I run different loadouts depending on the gameplay.



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