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Ok, it's not "exactly" the All American, but I think my creative differences made a slight improvement on the original (See Fallout: New Vegas for the original). It's a lot more user-friendly than an exact copy would have been.
Magpul PRS stock (PTS)
Madbull - Noveske 12" rail
King Arms - Adams Arms piston kit (modified to be rifle length)
KAC Triple Tap (3T) compensator (Iron Airsoft)
Magpul MOE grip (PTS) and AFG2 (real)
Magpul Gen1 MBUS (PTS)
Aimpoint CompM2 (real) w/ "L" mount & rubber coat (G&P)
Madbull Dissipator 16" outer barrel
Sixell never quit grip. The only internal mod's are deans connectors, a MOSFET installed in the stock and a faster/stronger motor.



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