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The Citadel is the largest CQB field in the area. There are 3 main rooms that battles can take place. there is the speedball area, which consists of a small structure at the center of a large room. there are 3 paths through the center of the room. The left and right side hallways and the middle of the structure(HINT: First team to capture the center passage has the advantage).
Another room is called the Ice Cream Room. This room is a very large open space with mostly just pallets and some low walls for cover. it is very dark with almost no light so you would be at a tactical disadvantage if you do not have a tac light handy. there are three entry ways into the Ice Cream Room, a hallway in the back, a hallway on the side and through the offices in front.
The last main room is the offices. The offices are exactly what they sound like. it is a very small environment that consists of many rooms, some of which are lit while others are pitch black. There are many entrances into the Offices so always keep your head on a swivel.
There are many dark corners and hallways throughout the field so bringing a flashlight is key to surviving and winning.
Many different game types are held at The Citadel. TMD, CTF, VIP and S&D are just a few. With the many different rooms and the size of the field all of these games are fun and because of the size, some of them are hard. S&D and CTF are hard because there are so many hallways and entrances that people can get into and because its an indoor arena, there are alot of echos.
The management there is amazing and the refs are very fair and actually do their jobs. If you do have a problem with someone not calling their hits, usually the ref will ask who and if they get more than one person complaining about them, they will follow them for a period of time and see if they can observe the player cheating. The refs all carry at minimum a CO2 pistol and will test you if you have too many complaints, if you do not call y our hits and they see it, they will sometimes shoot you once with the pistol and if you dont call that will unload until you do. Other times they will call Big Mike onto the field with his SAW and if you are seen not calling your hits or dont call a hit from a ref Big Mike will unload a box mag on you until your hurt.
Big Mike is an amazing guy and very knowledgeable. Their staff is friendly and try to make it a great night for all. Their proshop has a small selection but usually have what your looking for. They carry alot of Magpul so thats always a plus. Their techs are amazing and do some of the highest quality work.
The prices arent bad either:
Membership is $20 per year*

Skirmish Fee is $25 on Friday/Saturday/Sunday*
*A membership is required to play
**Tuesday nights is 2 members play for $20 and Friday Women play for free
Rentals for anyone new or dont have their gun with them is $20 and it includes an M4, 2 mags filled and a full face mask.

I would def recommend this field to anyone who enjoys a fast paced, CQB environment.


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