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Camping the night before is authorized. A camping fee of $15 dollars per tent will be applied. For reservations and more info call Chris at 706-533-2544Admission: $15 for whole day with Lunch plate Combo included (Hamburger, Chips, Choice of drink) We take cash or credit (Cash is faster)Age: Participant must be 12 years or older. Those under the age of 18 years must have a legal parent or guardian sign their waiver as well.**Waiver will be available online soon.Safety: ALL PARTICIPANTS must have ANSI Z87 + Rated Eye protection. Full face protection is recommended. Full seal goggles and Mesh face mask or full face mask is REQUIRED for those under the age of 18. Bring a water source, cold weather gear, snacks, Deadrag, commo, etc. Horseplay/ Unsafe acts will not be tolerated! If there is an emergency during gameplay, call out \"CEASE FIRE\" and get ahold of an admin. For extreme life threatening emergencies, call 911 and inform an admin.Uniform:There are no uniform standards for the teams. Renegade Team will have armbands. Ranger Team will NOT have armbands.Weapons:All airsoft guns must be checked at the chronograph station. The restrictions are as follows:0-320 FPS- 0ft min engagement distance, white ziptie.321-420 FPS- 10 ft minimum engagement distance, green ziptie.421 ~ 600 FPS- 100ft Minimum Engagment Distance, must be used on single fire only, red ziptie.Replica knives are authorized for silent kills but not allowed to be thrown.Grenades, launchers, mortars are authorized on a limited basis.Real knives, swords, machetes, sharp objects, stun guns, pepperspray, firearms, or anything that is capable of causing extreme bodily harm to others are prohibited.Rental Guns and ammo will be available for $30 at the Briefing station.Rules for games are simple:1: if hit, shout \"HIT! HIT! HIT!\", raise your rifle or place a dead rag on your head. Take a seat or lay down. Everyone is a medic and can touch a player for 10 seconds to revive them. If a player is hit, they are allowed to be moved by their teammates. If the player is unable to be revived after 2 minutes, then they must walk back to the respawn point. A player cannot choose to respawn immediately after getting hit. they must wait 2 minutes.2. Call your hits!!!3: A Hit is when a BB hits anywhere on your body. If a BB hits a gun, it does not count. Ricochets do not count. If a BB travels through thick brush, hitting small shrubbery, and hits you, it counts as a hit.4: always wear eye protection!!!5: have fun and make it fun for those around you6. All guns are to be on single fire only if in or 10ft around CBQ areas.7. 0ft MED Guns are allowed to shoot players in the body only at less then 10ft distance. It is highly recommended to call \"surrender\" or \"safe kill\" within 10ft of someone. Players with a 10ft or 100ft MED Gun must call Surrender or safe kill at 10ft distance or under. A player with a 100ft MED gun must use a sidearm to shoot players under 100ft but can still call safe kill under 10ft.8. If two players call surrender or safe kill at the same time, they are both considered out.9. Obey the referees, if you have a problem talk to the a referee to try and resolve the problem. If you are the unlucky one causing a problem, you will be warned once. After your first warning you will get suspended from gameplay. If you proceed to cause a problem, you will be escorted off the premises.10. Do not shoot the horses, bulls, llamas, donkeys or any other farm animals/ wildlife


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