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I\'ve been playing airsoft for about 5 years now, I started out when I was in middle school, playing skirmishes and backyard battles with friends and acquaintances. I don\'t have a lot of money to drop on high end guns, so I usually get them used or free from those who are looking to get rid of stuff. as a result, I have quite a few guns of all types, but only 5 or 6 are really good. as for gear, I use military surplus stuff, because its cheaper, cooler, and in my experience, more durable. I usually rock the good old woodland BDUs and LBV carrier harness with Vietnam era jungle boots and steel M1 helmet, all official US Military issue. during the cold times, I just add an M65 field jacket. here\'s a sampling of my better guns:
Echo1 AK-74 Tactical
DE M900 AK-47
CAR-15 AEG of unknown make
Cut Down S&K 870 pump shotgun
WE M1911A1
WE Beretta 92 Inox
Glock 17C of unknown make



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