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At the age of 13, I played my first match of airsoft. With loaner guns and a cheap crossdraw, I immediately fell in love. I began collecting my own sloppy assortment of gear and guns, relying mostly on Walmart and other cheap outlets. Then I went to a real game.

Everyone blew my doors off with AEGs and proper MOLLE vests. At this point, I decided I needed to upgrade. I moved to an E1 G36c and a cheap condor vest. This is when everything truly began to pick up. I began teching a year later, and took on my first teching endeavor with an ASG SCAR-L which in the end shot 380 FPS @ 28rps and was accurate out to about 260-280 feet. I was pleased as can be, and felt accomplished. I began buying others and upgrading them as well, eventually working my way up to a fully custom HK417 which is my claim to fame on the forums. I crafted my own 417 PTW out of it, and although it has moved on to a new owner, I am still incredibly proud of that build and the exceptional performance and flexibility it provided.

Around this time I decided I needed more \"legit\" gear. I started collecting a mish mash of American gear in coyote and MC to create a kit, not really based off of anything. I attended a few smaller events and the thirst for more was stronger than ever before. Then, college came. This was, however, when I sold the 417 and most of my other replicas before college. Having only a beat Classic Army G36K afterwards, I decided to pursue a kit strictly based off of a KSK soldier during my sophomore year of college. This started as an exercise in patience as I collected medic gear, but soon realized the special weapons category was more for me, and at that point I began searching for gear there.

Now, pick up at modern times and I\'ve successfully integrated into a German impressionist group, and although I have yet to see a large scale event with them, I am incredibly excited to do so. My teching skills are largely where my value lies, however I am always learning and ready for more.

Photos entail several of the replicas/gear I\'ve owned/modified, having been a substantial trader/buyer/seller here on the forums.



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