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love to snipe, the pics don't yet include some newer additions to the airsoft family. the AK got a new paint job and is no longer clear. we've had that thing for about 5yrs now and still no troubles! Aftermath AK, HK MP7, Browning shotty, a couple of wamart specials, two homemade claymores, two ammo cans holding our .20's and our .12's (for claymore use).
M203 and homemade launcher, M14 (also had for about 5yrs lots of battle scars) HK MP5, (not shown) AK74u, G36c, SCAR, Mauser Type 96 w/acog (shown on MP7).
Team Valor has been trying to get into the awesome world of airsoft for quite some time now, most of the guns shown on the board have been KIA (most were walmart specials). there just doesn't seem to be a very deep following of airsoft close to Council Bluffs.



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