Tokio Marui MEU

  • The Marui MEU is probably one of the best 1911 replicas out there, I\'ve had mine for around 4 months and use it regularly with no problems, and it looks almost new. I\'ll get the cons out of the way first. If you\'re allergic to plastic slides this is not for you, all Marui handguns are plastic, also the FPS is nothing to write home about. Now for pros, the range and accuracy on this are pretty amazing for the short barrel once the hop up is dialed in, also compared with both my WE 1911\'s which had some failure in the first few months this thing has kept on going, even playing out in really fine dust and sand. Also the slide has a very tight tolerance which makes for a really good feel, also with the magazine and the original weighted grips theres a good balance in the hand. If you are in the market for a good 1911 this one gets my vote for sure.

    Also use HFC134A or duster gas like for computers and electronics with the Airsoft Inovations adapter, although I haven\'t had any problems it is possible for green gas to crack the plastic slide.

    Airsoft Inovations link:


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