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Showcase cover image for Tokyo Marui Famas Excellent Condition

General Information

$165 Famas in great condition. Shoots Great. Only been used twice. Can fit a Nunchuck 9.6v in battery compartment. That is recommended to buy anyways for all airsofters. It comes with a 350 rd. hi cap that is slightly rusted but it works. Although, extra mags can be bought on Airsoft GI cheaply at around $10. THis is a great buy for the money and performance. It has an integrated bipod and can have rails to be added on the top with the rails found on for cheap too. This is can be a sniper or a assault rifle because of its bipod and fully automatic capabilities. Again its running for $165 please reply or comment for details on buying and my email for more questions. This is Alpha 1 From Richmond Raiders Airsoft Team. Stay Frosty....



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