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Showcase cover image for Tokyo Marui - Hekler&Koch Mk23 Mod.0 SOCOM

General Information

When I was getting the H&K Mk. 23 Mod.0 SOCOM, I was asked if I want the springer or the NGB pistol. I did not even bother to answer.

Let us take a look at this impressive pistol.

How does it work?
It is a non-blow-back pistol, therefore the slide is not moving while the pistol is shot. What does that imply? There is less of wear and tear, more gas is spent for each shot rather then for the movement of the slide, more shots etc. Even though the pistol has no blow-back, the pistol is still double-action. What is that? It basically means that the pistol can be preloaded by a simply pulling either the slide or by pulling back the striking hammer.

The sound suppressor actually works. How? Well it is pretty simple. Inside it are tubes made out of foam in which the gas exiting the barrel expands and does not make a loud boom. It almost sounds like a silent clap of hands. The difference between a shot with and without the sound suppressor is overwhelming. When shooting with the silencer, the shot is barely audible in regular sounds of the surroundings and therefore this gun is suitable for CQB and for outside skirmishing.

The LA Module (Laser Aiming Module) is hanging below the barrel could only be made of a torch. The laser is non-working and only flashes as a red light. The ultra-violet laser does not work at all. However, the good thing is that the red laser can be replaced, there is enough place for it in the module. It is powered by three AAA batteries. It is a bit shame that the LAM shape is actually a prototype that isn't used on the real steel.

I've had to wait for a whole day, before I could shoot the gun for the first time. After first loading the gun with twenty eight bbs (.28g) and gas, I proceeded to shooting. I have measured twenty meters from the target and shot the entire magazine. The target, a circle twenty cm in diameter, was dotted in the middle. Most of the bbs went into a into a center circle within an eight cm diameter. That was not bad at all. With the sound suppressor attached, the result was exactly the same, except that it was almost inaudible. I was surprised by how silent the gun is, by its performance and ergonomics. Due to a higher weight of the gun, there is no need for worries that the gun will twitch at the last moment before a shoot is taken.

At a single filling of the gas magazine, the gun is capable of eighty to hundred and four shots, depending on the weather conditions. I was fisrt shooting at a temperature of around eight degrees Celsius, so I only could get around eighty shots. Since the gun is made of ABS plastic and the slide does not move, the gun can shoot at very low temperatures without any serious fluctuations in performance.

I did not have to touch the hop-up at all, it has been very precisely set up for .28ths. You can clearly see that TM makes its guns with love and pride. And mostly, they know what they are doing.

Touch and sight
At first glance, the pistol looks amazing. It is almost impossible to recognize whether it is actual metal or just ABS plastic. The only flaw is the shiny paint on the sound suppressor. It just looks inappropriate on a pistol like that. Anyways, only after you take the gun in your hands, can you tell that it is made of plastic. All the parts are very well put together, there are no sharp edges, everything is smooth and even the markings are almost perfect. I had the opportunity to get into my mortal hands the real steel and could barely tell the difference. The slide, although plastic looks very robust and heavy. The slide is single-molded (meaning it is made from a single piece of plastic only – not two sides connected to each other). The only metallic parts are both safeties (trigger safety and striking hammer safety), trigger, striking hammer, magazine catch, magazine, outer barrel (the inner barrel as well, of course) and the sound suppressor.
Even though the weapon does not have many ambidextrous controls, there is no problem to handle them with any hand. It is shame that the decocker lever (a lever on the left side of the gun) is not working like on my other SOCOM by KWA (yes, it is the only airsoft SOCOM ever made with blow-back). Since the gun is pretty big – it is an L size frame pistol – it suits bigger hands.

The LA Module is removable. Simply unscrew it and pull it down from the frame. After doing so, the pistol looks like it has been a prop at a Hitman movie (which of course, it hasn't).
Once we take the magazine from its well, the gun gets almost a three quarter a kilogram lighter (the pistol, fully loaded, with the LAM ready to use and the sound suppressor weighs almost a kilogram and a half).

The gun's disassembly is almost similar to the one of the real steel. This gives the owner a perfect and easy way to clean it, lubricate it and take other care of it. The hop-up unit is very robust and easily adjustable. I must say that until present day, I haven't felt any need to re-adjust it. It might take some training to take the gun apart and put it back together, but nothing you couldn't handle in a few tries. There really is nothing to break. Just a little training.

Length: 245 mm
Height: 150 mm
Width: 38,8 mm
Weight: 1100 g

The overall impression
Well, the overall impression is emphasized by the fact that you buy the gun in a decent black plastic suitcase. After opening the suitcase, on one side there is a polystyrene cushion and on the other side is a soft foam. The pistol, along with all its accessories lying in between.

There is nothing to brag about from the practical side. Due to an extremely simple mechanism inside the gun, it cannot jam, there is no way dirt could get into the chamber and it is very skillfully lubricated.
A smaller flaw is that you will most likely need a small SMGs holster (I'd recommend a Typhoon holster – a bit more expensive, but fits the gun with the LAM).

- Working sound suppressor
- Non-blow-back (no dirt in the chamber)
- Huge capacity of shots
- Capacity of the mag
- Ergonomics
- Beautiful shape
- LAM integrated torch

- Coloring of the sound suppressor
- The imitation of the LAM (different shape and laser doesn't work)
- Some parts could be metal (although plastic is of supreme quality)
- Non-working decocker lever
- Size of the pistol
- Slightly higher price

What could I say? Maybe that I have never before seen, handled and shot a better shooting gas pistol than this. What Tokyo Marui managed to create is a fine pistol and you surely as hell will not be ashamed when pulling the pistol out. I do not understand all this blow-back havoc. This pistol deserves all the attention it gets. I am glad I have become one of the very few owners of this pistols and I am glad this pistol has no blow-back.

I can recommend this gun to anyone who is a serious airsofter and does not need any fancy full-metal blow-back Colt 1911 that does not shoot for cr*p as soon as the temperature drops below ten degrees Celsius. I am incredibly glad that this gun is still somewhat rare and not many people use it.

Anyways, I think this is a perfect gun, beautiful, and the pros beat the cons without any problem. This is, to me, the best airsoft pistol you can get.

Photos will follow soon. I do not have the pistol on me right now.



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