Tokyo Marui MP7

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    A brand new class of the small arms, the MP-7 Personal Defence Weapon
    (PDW) is intended to be a defensive sidearm for second-line troops,
    vehicle crews and other military personnel. The MP-7 was first announced
    in 2000, entered into production in 2001 and has been adopted by some
    German special units according to some sources, in addition to being
    offered for export sales and for NATO-trials as an another could-be NATO
    PDW (the only other competitor is the compact yet much bigger FN P-90).

    The MP-7 is designed as a compact submachine gun, with the magazine
    being inserted into pistol grip, and folding forward grip with
    retractable stock. All these features are ideally replicated in the
    Tokyo Marui's model and make this a perfect backup weapon, or a primary
    CQB weapon! Being a high performance submachine gun, the MP-7 real steel
    is exceptionally lightweight (1.7kg), and Marui's replica (1.4kg) comes
    pretty close. The gun can be fired single-handedly, or with two hands,
    either like a pistol or as an SMG when using a front grip. Retractable
    stock can be extended to give additional stability. With stock and front
    grip collapsed, the MP-7 can be carried like any big pistol and is
    super compact - perfect as a full-auto backup weapon (can be holstered
    like a sidearm!) For skirmishes, the MP7 is great for shooting around
    corners and spraying your opponents to the moon!


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