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After about a month of use, I\'ve finally used the gun enough to feel comfortable with writing a review.
I\'ll keep it brief and to the point, but as usual if there are any questions feel free to ask via comment or PM. I never have a problem answer sensible questions.
**This is for the TM P226 E2 (E-two or E-squared). According to everything I\'ve read online, the grip is supposed to be a big different and more comfortable in comparison to previous models.
Rough overview: The gun itself feels great, handles well. The action is nice and crisp, the magazine is nice and secure and I\'ve yet to have any issues mistakenly hitting the mag release when the gun is holstered or in use. With my previous KWA and WE P226 I\'d hit the mag release ALL the time. Being an avid USP owner, I had to get use using my thumb on the middle portion of the gun rather than the back of the slide for a few features. But the features work well. The hammer cannot not released while the slide is pulled back as I\'ve seen occur on a few of these. The slide release works no problem. In all, there\'s not much bad I can say.
On a 75 degree day I was able to consistently get 55-60 rounds per gas fill.
The Good: The gun\'s action is crisp and very much on point. Because its plastic slide, it moves quite quickly allowing for a very quick follow up shot. It\'s the first thing I noticed when shooting, I was able to get my sights back on target much quicker than with previous metal slide guns I\'ve owned/used.
The hop-up adjustment is quite responsive, though I wish it was a tad bit more responsive, it does respond quite well.
Testing with BB weights ranging from .2g to .32g, I was able to quite easily get my hop-up on track.
Accuracy within 50 ft is pretty applauding. No accuracy tests were done beyond this range because - well there\'s no reason to try to make a gas piston attempt to reach much further.

The Bad: I\'m not keen of the E3 magazine. The bottom plate extends about 1/8\" beyond the bottom of the gun, so it acts similar to the bottom of the gun\'s grip. I personally didn\'t like it and ended up grinding it down to be more flush with the gun\'s grip. That\'s really my only complaint with the gun.
I\'d give the gun 4.7/5.
I can\'t give it a full 5 because of the magazine. But in terms of accuracy, build quality, reliability, and so on, it has earned it\'s stripes.

MAG COMPATIBILITY - When I purchased this gun, I also purchased a standard TM P226 mag, WE mag, and KJW mag to compare them to each other. It\'s already common knowledge that KWA P226 mags will not fit.
ALL P226 mags fit, this includes the silver extended mag and other variants of the P226
WE and KJW mags fit, BUT you have to give them a good bump when pushing them in to ensure they lock and correctly feed. I found myself sanding off a think layer from the top part of the base on the WE mag to get it to fit a little better. The KJW and WE mags also wobble a bit inside the gun while the TM slides right in with little effort and does not wobble at all when inside the gun.
I will say, the KJW mags filled with less air escaping in comparison to the TM and WE mags. I had to replace the seals on the WE mags upon arrival, but to have a fair test I purchased a second working new WE mag, but ultimately I did notice the WE mags were not able to get as many rounds off as the KJW and TM brand mags.
That being said, I recommend TM or KJW mags over WE.

Upper compatibility - The Upper receiver is NOT compatible with the KJW P226 lower. After attempting, I came to notice it just would not work without a good amount of modification, and even then it was a question.


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