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the real world, Tracer ammunition
are bullets
that are built with a small pyrotechnic
charge in their base. Ignited by the burning powder, the pyrotechnic
composition burns very brightly, making the projectile visible to the
naked eye. This enables the shooter to follow the bullet trajectory
in order to make aiming corrections.
used, tracers are usually loaded as every fifth round in machine gun
belts, referred to as four-to-one tracer. Platoon
and squad leaders will sometimes load their magazines entirely with
tracers to mark targets for their soldiers to fire on. Tracers are
also sometimes placed two or three rounds from the bottom of
magazines to alert the shooter that their weapon is almost empty.
rounds may also ignite flammable substances on contact from a nominal

some of the above does not apply to airsoft, but tracers are still
useful (and fun). They can be used in night games, inside houses, low
light time of day, etc. They actually are very visible, you don't
need full night to see them, surprisingly. While they look cooler the
darker it is, they are useful much before needing flashlights in a

does an airsoft tracer work? The tracer BBs are special BBs made of
fluorescent material, much like some toys or your watch: they absorb
light and then emit it for some time. You can test this with a
flashlight, or even daylight.

Big Dragon Tracer Unit is a mock silencer (-14 mm thread), made of
metal, that you screw onto your barrel (it works with any type of
gun: electric, gas o spring cocking).

the tube from the attachment system to reveal the interior: in the
front you will find a 4 AAA batteries (included) that power the unit.
You also get 50 fluorescent BBs to try it out.

and protected by a clear plastic tube are the tracer unit's working
parts: at the entrance is a light barrier (like on chronos) that
detects a BB coming through and sends a signal to the flash housed in
the front, so that it emits a short but strong beam of light, as the
BBs pass through. The special BBs (I use Madbull, but any will do)
absorb the light and glow as they fly out to your target. To prevent
accidentally wasting battery, there's a switch at the bottom.

you are shooting in a very dark enviroment, the light coming from the
tracer's flash will come outside and kinda look like the muzzle
flash from a real firearm.
can of course shoot in semi or auto.

weighs less than 200 grams (7 ounces) and is 143 milimeters long,
making it usable on both rifles and pistols.

quality is top notch: nothing even dares to move around, creak or
else. There are bad reports about the Jing Gong's version (QC and
all that). But mine is holding up like a champ and performing

is OK: 36 $ + 6 $ for shipping, which is a steal.



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