• i wear ski socks with my condor multicam boots size 11 medium multicam pants on top of basketball shorts a medium multicam jacket, tucked in on top of a airsoft gi t shirt, i use a condor riggers belt mounted by condor mallice clips to my plate carrier to hold up my pants and drop leg with one of my various pistols in iti carty 6 mp9 magazines when.i use my mp9 and 10 m4 mid caps in 5 pouches on.the front of my condor quick release plate carrier. somtimes i will have 6 more mags on a second drop leg but.only for long games and only for my m4/m19 when i use my.l96 i dont even wear a plate carrier i wear a condor recon wrap witha mitch helemt with velcro and rails witha nvg mout with a real steel nvg i uses eaither ess gogfls or ess glasses and i use condor gard knuckle gloves. i also carry a pantach atmin pouch a hydraion carrier a dump pouch 4 extra pistol magazines a pantah weapons catch a condor 1 point sling and a portable speaker to play kusic


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