• So i'm just gonna talk about my opinion on the TSD SD700, I find its a very reliable gun and durable. Its good for someone starting out/ or getting into airsoft. Its very lightweight and is easily customizable. The bolt isn't hard to pull back at all either. I highly recommend 25 bbs as they don't let the bb to be blown off course. The mags take a bit of time to load unless your using a speedloader which one came with mine. The mags are easy to remove in the middle of a match also which is good. The stock has a bit of rubber to help cushion it on your shoulder. The part where you rest your cheek is very comfortable also allowing for a better shot in my opinion. I'm not sure what else to cover so PM if you have any questions!
    Thanks, Rylen
    P.S. By the way sorry if you find the picture blurry.


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